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Learn the 10 Hidden Dangers in Skin Care Products!

Learn the 10 Hidden Dangers in Skin Care Products!Nearly 80% of all skin care lines contain dangerous & harmful ingredients. Including Ingredients Proven to Cause Cancer! (known as Carcinogens). Skin Care products are NOT tested by the FDA for safety before they are sold!
Find out what you are applying to your skin!


The Secret to Fighting AgingLearn What Causes Aging & the Secret to Combating it! Get the Latest Expert Information on How to Achieve Better, More Youthful Looking Skin!

  Looking younger is not difficult...   when you know the secrets...and when you look better, you feel better!


IT'S AN EASY DECISION!You already use skin care products. We're not asking you to buy something you don't want or need.

  You are not receiving the results you could be, because 80% of skin care products have harmful ingredients!   After you learn what we have discovered, you can achieve better, healthier, younger-looking skin!

Dangerous Ingredients in
Skin Care Products
Including Carcinogens!
Only 13 Dangerous
Skin Care Ingredients
Banned in United States
Over 1,100 Dangerous
Skin Care Ingredients
Banned in European Union
Dangerous Ingredients in
Beautify Skin Care Products

Our Story

Why We Created Beautify

Beautify SpaBeautify Skin Care was created using expert knowledge & experience gained by working on the faces of 10,000 clients at one America's premier Spa’s with over 2,500 5-Star Reviews!

Over 75% of our clients stated they were not getting the results they expected from their current skin care products. We researched the products they were using and found many disturbing facts:

Beautify Moisturizer
  • Almost 80% contained Dangerous Ingredients!
  • Ingredients proven to cause Cancer! (Carcinogens).
  • Endocrine Disruptors causing weight gain, hair loss, poor skin, PMS and much worse!
  • Ingredients that cause Free Radicals! (The very thing you are trying to prevent by using skin care products!)
  • Inert cheap filler ingredients that do nothing to affect positive skin care results (In fact, they can actually cause skin issues)
  • Low Potency or Missing Essential Active ingredients (They do nothing to promote positive skin results)

We knew a better and safer skin care line was needed... Beautify Was Created!

Beautify® is One of the Finest Natural Skin Care Lines
Producing Better, Healthier, More Youthful Looking Skin!

  • Professional Grade: A Higher Potency for Results, Yet Safe & Gentle.
  • The Finest Super Anti-Oxidants: The # 1 Cause of Skin Issues are Free Radicals. Anti-Oxidants are the Only Known Thing to Stop Free Radicals.
  • The Finest Super Peptides: 75% of the Skin is Comprised of Collagen. It Decreases as We Age. Peptides Grow Collagen.
  • Natural & Pure: Skin Responds Better to Natural than Synthetic!
  • No Dangerous Ingredients: Stop Applying Harmful Ingredients including Carcinogens & Endocrine Disruptors!
  • Beautify Produces Results: Clinically-Proven Ingredients that Work!
  • Beautify Delays & Even Reverses the Signs of Aging: When We Look Better, We Feel Better!

Beautify SerumThis luxurious skin care line helps reduce the look of wrinkles, visibly improves skin’s resilience, tone, & texture. It discourages future damage for a smoother, more youthful appearance. Beautify helps hydrate, balance & rejuvenate your complexion producing healthier, younger looking skin.

Beautify® Skin Care is the Answer to All Your Skin Needs!


  • No Parabens
  • No Phthalates
  • No Sodium Lauryl Sulfates (SLS)
  • No Polyethylene Glycol (PEG)
  • No Petroleum or Mineral Oil
  • No Lanolin (derived from animals)
  • No Acrylamide
  • No Phenol Carbolic Acid
  • No Dioxane
  • No Toluene
  • No Artificial Colors
  • Non-Comedogenic (pore-clogging) Ingredients
  • 100% Vegan - GMO Free
  • Ph Balanced & Gluten Free
  • Cruelty Free - Not Tested on Animals



Beautify Skin Care Products

The Answer to All Your Skin Needs!






Super Serum



Attend or Host a Beautify Me Party

Attend & Get Better Looking Skin OR Host & Receive Free Products!


  • Gain Valuable Anti-Aging Skin Care Information Learned by Working on 10,000 Women at One of the Premier Spa's in the U.S. with Over 2,500 5-Star Reviews!
  • Learn Expert Skin Care Tips & Secrets on How to Achieve & Maintain Better, More Youthful Looking Skin at Home! We call it a Beautify Me Party!
  • Quick, Easy-to-Understand, Expert Information You Have Not Heard Before.
  • Connect with Friends & Family on a Subject Everyone Likes & Wants; Achieving Better, Healthier, More Youthful Looking Skin!
  • Live Skin Care Demos
  • Free Beautify Skin Care Product Give-Aways!
  • Fun! A Beautify Me Party is Always Fun!
  • Get VIP Access to one of the Finest Natural Skin Care lines Available Today - At Up to 75% Off!

If you are unable to attend a Home Party, you can attend a Virtual Beautify® Me Party!

Beautify Thanks You With Free Skin Care Products.

We make it super simple to host a Party! Invite friends & family who want the latest information on how to achieve better, healthier & younger looking skin! There is nothing you need to do.

You guests learn a wealth of great anti-aging skin care information. This information is so compelling, that virtually everyone will purchase... plus they receive a significant discount by attending your party!

When your guests make purchases, you will receive Free skin care products! Beautify® has the most generous rewards program in the industry… we’ve compared many other home party companies!

Look at the Beautify Rewards Chart to the right and see how easy it is to receive free skin care products with minimal time invested!

If you have a guest who is unable to attend a your Party, they can attend a Virtual Beautify® Me Party!


Beautify® has the most generous rewards program in the industry… we’ve compared many other home party companies! See how easy it is to receive free skin care products!

Beautify Rewards


  Hostess gifts are not discounted items to purchase… you actually receive FREE full-size skin care products! We even pick up the shipping!  

*Party Sales Total   Not Including Sales Tax  

Host can only pick one item of each product type. e.g. One DermaSmooth Serum.

Become a Beautify Consultant

Simply Share & Earn
Ready to Party with Beautify?

Get Paid to Party!

As a Beautify Consultant, you earn a profit by simply sharing, having fun & helping others achieve better, more youthful looking skin!

The Concept Is Simple

When you like something…you tell others about it…   why not get paid for it!   When you see a movie you really like…you tell others to go see it. Does the theater or movie studio send you a check for the referral? NO! Beautify® does!

Provide a Better Choice

You provide a better choice skin care line with no harmful, dangerous ingredients! Plus, Beautify contains the finest super peptides and super Anti-Oxidants known! The result; Better, younger looking skin! We call this sharing & caring with a purpose. Everyone loves to Beautify! When you look good, you feel good!


The average person has over 350 friends on Facebook. Using easy-to-use software, you can create & Host a Virtual Beautify Me Party! Your friends can live anywhere around the Nation, and they can learn everything they would if they attended a regular Home Party. You are helping your friends achieve better, healthier younger-looking skin and you earn every time they purchase!

Provide Huge Discounts

Your friends & family will thank you because they will receive a HUGE discount at your Party! Plus, you're not asking anyone to purchase something they don’t currently use. You're just advocating a better solution. Our Video does all the work for you!

Our Software Tracks Everything

Beautify provides you a complete report and a check! Your monthly residual check & the income potential can be quite significant. The more you share..the more you party…the more you can earn!

An Incredible Business

  • Start for as little as $49.00
  • Work as many hours as you want -- when you want
  • No boss – No one to answer to
  • In business for yourself, but not by yourself
  • Tax benefits – IRS approved tax write-off’s
  • Comprehensive training & support
  • In business for yourself, but not by yourself
  • Be part of a $100 Billion Dollar Industry
  • Receive Residual Income - Money Deposited Directly into Your Bank Account Each & Every Month!

Ready to Help Others and Become a Beautify Consultant?  Start Here

7 Ways To Make Money as a Beautify Consultant

A Simple and Very Generous Income Program

Beautify offers you multiple ways to earn! We provide easy ways for your customers to purchase... Online & mobile purchases through your Beautify eStore, and at your Beautify Me Home Party or Virtual Party!

The Beautify compensation plan is simple and designed to provide you ways to earn quick profits & long-term residual income!

Beautify Corporate offers a Beautify Me Party Special that gives all party attendees a very healthy discount at your parties. You still make a commission on the discounted retail party special price.

Beautify Corporate also provides you the most generous Hostess Rewards Program in the industry, which helps you attract more customers to Beautify Me Parties!

As a Beautify Consultant, you receive 15% ongoing royalty paid to you automatically each month on all your Beautify Club Customers for as long as they are customers! This can create a nice residual income simply because you shared Beautify with them! Further, you receive an additional 26% (including Bonus Pools) total payout down 7 levels as others share just like you.

As a Beautify Consultant, we created a Customer Loyalty Rewards Program to help you keep customers long-term. Beautify appreciates all of our customers and every time they order, you receive a commission! We created the Beautify Thank You Rewards Program to thank customers for their business. Beautify Club customers earn credits that can be used like cash for future full-size skin care product purchases! There are no restrictions. It's all automatically tracked and loaded into your Beautify Club Customers online account, where it is super easy for them to redeem!

As a Beautify Consultant, you can participate in our Beautify Charities Program and receive 15% royalty on all your Beautify Club Members for as long as they are customers. Beautify Corporate will give 10% to the Charity ongoing for the life of the customer as well! This can create a nice residual income for the both you Beautify Consultant and the Charity... simply because you shared Beautify with them! Doing Well By Doing Good!

Earn up to 37% bonus on all purchases made in the first 60 days on both your customer purchases & those in your team!

As a New Beautify Consultant, we want to help you earn money quickly! The Beautify Fast-Start Bonus is designed to help you do that! We pay you 20% on all your customer purchases, and even on purchases of other Beautify Consultants customers that you personally help become involved with Beautify! When they share Beautify with others, you earn 10% of all their purchases during your first 60 days! And when they do the same, (3rd generation) you earn 7% during their first 60 days.

Beautify Consultants receive healthy royalties paid to you as your team grows... simply for sharing & caring.

You share because you care. And the people you share with, do the same. You get paid for the referral, as well as the people they refer...for life! 37% total paid 7 levels generations deep or more due to compression! This will create you largest source of earnings from Beautify... and it all starts when you share with that first person. Beautify has one of the easiest compensation programs to understand in the home party industry.

Beautify Royalty Overrides

Achieve the Beautify Diamond levels and earn significant monies of total company sales.

As your Beautify Share Group continues to grow even more, you can achieve Diamond levels that pay you out of a 4% Diamond Leadership Bonus of the total company sales.

Ready to Help Others and Become a Beautify Consultant?  Start Here


Together Let's Help Others

The Beautify Giving Project

Beautify Skin Care is committing to donate Millions of Dollars over the next several years to help fund research, awareness, education & Cancer prevention by donating a portion of our profits to The Farrah Fawcett Foundation.

Farrah Fawcett Foundation

This Foundation is one of the most notable Cancer organization in the U.S. headed by Farrah’s best friend Alana Stewart. Their focus & commitment is on Cancer Awareness & Prevention.

Beautify Skin Care is proud to support the efforts of this fine organization.

Your Charity

What is most close to your heart? Have you lost a loved one to Cancer, someone who is fighting the battle or a Survivor? Do you have a Non-Profit Organization or do you support one? Beautify wants to help you raise funds for your Cause.

Together Let's Help Others!