Frequently Asked Questions

Beautify Me Parties

I earned 8 gifts as a Host. Do I have to order all 8 now?

Yes. We can make one shipment to you for your Hostess Rewards.

Do I have to pay Shipping & Handling on GIfts?

There is no cost to you for shipping of you Hostess Rewards. This is part of our Thank you for hosting a Beautify Me Party!

Do Host Gifts include the DNA Testing?

The Beautify SkinDNA test has a manufacturer suggested retail of $499.00. Because this is such a valuable test, we want everyone to take advantage of it, so we offer is at a greatly reduced price of only $99. Therefore, this test that cannot be included as one of your Free Beautify Me Rewards. We strongly encourage you have your skin tested so you can learn what you are predisposed to when it comes to aging, then Beautify can help you pick the best products to combat your issues.


Not all the people I invited showed up. Can I still get credit if they order after the party?

Yes. Your Party Specials remain in effect for 48 hours after your Party ends, so they can still get the Party Special discount, and you still receive full credit during this 48 time period! After this 48 hours, please get with your Beautify Consultant if someone still want to order.

I need to change my order, how can I do that?

Please get with your Beautify Consultant to change your order.

Who should I contact if I have a question about my order?

Your Beautify Consultant, or you can complete a support ticket and we will look up ou order and report back to you.

Beautify Skin Care Products

What skin types are best suited with Beautify Skin Care products?

Beautify® is formulated for all skin types:


Specially Formulated for Mature, Aging & Dry Skin
Remarkably Improves Fine Lines & Wrinkles
Reduces Inflammation.


Specially Formulated for Reducing Dark Age Spots
Improves Uneven Skin Tone


Specially Formulated for Blemish Prone & Oily Skin.
Keeps Your Skin Clear & Prevents Breakouts.


Specially Formulated for Younger Skin.
Protects & Keeps Skin Looking Youthful.

Are your products Natural?

Yes, pure & Natural. It has been clinically proven; skin responds better to natural ingredients than it does to synthetic.

What are you products free of? e.g.: Gluten-Free?

Beautify® has NO Dangerous Ingredients. No Carcinogens or Endocrine Disruptors, No Parabens, No Petroleum or Phthalates, No SLS, No PEG’s, No Artificial Colors, Non-Comedogenic, 100% Vegan, Gluten Free, Not Tested on Animals.

Do Beautify products contain fragrances?

Yes, some do, and some do not. We only use Natural fragrances that have a very nice scent and do not linger. Most skin care products use synthetic fragrances that contain dangerous ingredients and simply are not good for your skin.

What is the shelf life of Beautify Skin Care products?

Product stability is largely affected by how a product is cared for after it has been opened. Depending on frequency of use, a product may last six months to one year if properly stored. Products last longer if the cap is properly closed, and stored at room temperature. The shelf life of an unopened product is two years.

Becoming a Beautify Consultant

What does it cost to become a Beautify Consultant?

It’s a very low investment to get started and includes free training, support, business tools, including your very own website at no cost, plus a success kit to help you get out of the gate properly. You can start for as little as $39.  View the different Beautify Business Starter Kits.

Do I need to stock up on inventory to start?

No. We can ship products directly to you customers. We do recommend you have some products as testers. Women love to smell, and apply skin care products on their skin.. We when they do, they typically love the smell and feel of Beautify®! It’s best if you get with your Beautify Consultant to figure what is best for you to help you get started.


I’m not really a salesperson. Can I still be good at this?

Yes! We look for nice, caring people. People who like to share something they believe in and that helps others…not sales people. If you enjoy talking to people & helping others to look younger and achieve better skin, then you’ll do great with Beautify®!

One of the reasons our Beautify® Consultants succeed is that you don’t have to be a “sales” person to sell our product. Beautify® practically sells itself. Customers love the packaging, the scent, & the feel of Beautify® on their skin…and of course, the results! After they learn about all the dangerous ingredients in most skin care lines…it’s hard to say no to Beautify®!

Plus, since our product is a consumable…our customers keep coming back for more!

Why should I join Beautify instead of another Home Party company?

First of all, did we mention; “You’ll look Younger!”? Beautify® has most generous Hostess Rewards Program in the industry…and we’ve looked at a lot of home party companies! Other home party companies give you a very small amount to free gifts, and the opportunity to purchase products at a discount! With Beautify®, you actually receive a generous amount of FREE skin care products! We even pick up the shipping! Check out our Hostess Rewards Chart

Besides offering amazing products, Beautify® also offers you the chance to grow within a young company. We provide a multitude of unique business tools & wonderful ice-breakers, that no other home party company offers. These will assist in getting you out of the gate and successful!

What makes the Beautify business work?

Women love to get together.  Women love to shop. Women want to look younger & have better skin. Women love skin care products.  Women love huge discounts!  We are not asking women to purchase something that they don’t currently use.  We just advocating using a better, safer product that helps, not hurts their skin!  Once they learn the truth, it’s hard to say no to Beautify®.  Watch the video at to better understand how & why.

Are there any quotas or minimums that I have to hit?

At Beautify®, we recognize that you may want some extra part time spending money OR you may want to replace a 6-figure full-time income. Since one size doesn’t fit all; you have the flexibility to work when you want & how hard you want. There are certain personal volumes (PV) that must be achieved at the various Beautify® Levels…however, this is easy because it’s just you using Beautify® products for your personal use.

Are there any scripts to memorize or sales pitches?

Absolutely NOT! We provide you with a wonderful video that does all the work for you….guiding you customers from point A to Z.  We also provide outlines for how to best conduct your parties.  Get started today!

How do I get started?

Call your Beautify® Consultant OR click the “Join” button on this page. We’ll send you our starter kit that includes everything you need to get started! While you wait for your kit to arrive, we’ll provide you with your very own website, which you can input your contact information. You can also go thru training, so you’re confident and have a deeper conviction about offering Beautify® as a better alternative to everyone!

Building My Beautify Party Business

What’s the fastest way to grow?

The key to success is learning from others.  We have leaders that have tested methods that are proven to work.  As a Beautify Consultant you will have access to these trainings.

What does it cost to get a Beautify Party website?

Zero cost. Beautify Skin Care provides you with an incredible website with everything you need to help you become successful, including a Beautify eStore for your customers to make purchases.

Ordering, Shipping and Returns

If I place more order today when will it ship and how long will it take to get my order?

All orders are usually within 2-3 business days. We ship via First-Class USPS from Scottsdale, Arizona so please allow for mail time.

How do I handle requests for returns?

Please complete a support ticket here and we will handle your return.


How often will I get paid?

You get paid every week during you first 60 days with the Beautify Fast-Track Bonus. After that you get paid every 30 days on all sales & your Share & Care bonus. All monies are paid about 15 days after the close of the previous month.

Still have a question?  Visit the Knowledge Base for further help!