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Beautify DermaDNA Genetic Skin Test

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Beautify® SkinDNA™ is the First Genetic DNA Test that Identifies Your Skin’s Strengths & Weaknesses – Showing Exactly How Your Skin Will Age Based on Your Own DNA!

Your test results provide you with a definitive success plan on how to best slow down the effects of aging…allowing you to select the ideal skin care treatments & products specifically tailored to your skin issues & DNA.

This is a one-time test and is noninvasive.

Special Price: $99.00


Beautify® DermaDNA :

  • Reveals exactly what your Genes & DNA are predisposed to
  • Non-Invasive, Simple 60-Second Test
  • Gives you a road map to know what you skin will do for the rest of your lifev
  • Provides you with a definitive success plan to target your skin issues based on your own DNA!
  • Use Science to Take the Guesswork Out of Skin Care
  • Your DNA Does Not Lie!
  • No More Guessing On What Products & Services You Need!
  • No More Wasting Money on Products & Services You Don’t Need!
  • NO need for a 2nd test
  • Helps You Look Your Absolute Youngest!

Beautify® DermaDNA Genetic Skin Test gives you the ability to see the future…to see what your skin will do over time… based on your DNA!

This DNA Test Measures the 5 Major Processes that Cause Your Skin to Age Too Quickly!

Firmness + Elasticity

Key genes are tested for skin firmness and elasticity.

75% of your skin is comprised of Collagen. We can identify if the synthesis and degradation process of Collagen is in balance, or if the degradation is more dominant, which results in the appearance of premature fine lines & wrinkling, loss of skin firmness & elasticity, and loss of youthful looks.

Wrinkling (A.G.E.)

The genes in this category address wrinkling, cracking, dryness, skin thinning & looseness and is derived by testing your skin Glycation.

Advanced Glycation End Products (A.G.Es) are the end result of a glucose driven process known as Glycation. Glycation is heavily implicated in accelerated skin aging, leading way to wrinkling, dryness and looseness.
Having variations in these genes can alter the functioning of normal glucose levels. Glycation causes you to AGE!

Sun Damage + Pigmentation

The genes in this category can reveal if your skin will discolor and create Pigmentation (sun spots) by measuring your natural genetic solar protection factor (gSPF™).

Based on your results, we can provide you with a unique, enhanced skin care protection strategy that is specially designed to provide the utmost sun protection for your skin based on your genes…And we don’t mean sunscreen!

Free Radical Damage

Free Radicals are one of the largest contributors to aging & pre-mature aging!

Anti-Oxidants are the ONLY things that can STOP Free Radicals.

Your DermaDNA Free Radical Damage score measures the amount of AntiOxidants in your body, and is directly proportional to a healthy long term appearance of your skin.

Sensitivity + Inflammation

The regulation of inflammation is largely controlled by your genes and excessive inflammation is one of the most common themes in early onset aging.

The genes that make up your Inflammation + Sensitivity score play a key role in signaling the release of inflammatory proteins and help in the detoxifying of Chemicals & Environmental Pollutants.

Beautify® DermaDNA™ is a Quick, Easy Confidential DNA Test that Reveals How You Can Protect, Prevent, Combat, & Even Reverse the Signs of Aging!

No More Guess Work On What Products You Need!

No More Wasting Money on Products You Don’t Need.

Your Skin is the Largest Organ in Your Body; Using Science, Learn Exactly How to Best Care For It!

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Price Includes the Following:

  • Beautify® DermaDNA™ Analysis Test
  • Comprehensive DNA Skin Report
  • Expert Consultation by an ISCI DermaDNA™ Certified Esthetician
  • Computer Face Analysis